OpenSSL に脆弱性。

PHP 5.5.13登場 - アップデート推奨

PHPデベロップメントチームは5月29日(米国時間)、「PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor - 29 May 2014 / PHP 5.5.13 is available」においてバグ修正を実施した「PHP 5.5.13」を公開したと伝えた。バグ修正以外にもセキュリティ脆弱性(CVE-2014-0238およびCVE-2014-0237)が修正されており、すべてのユーザへこの最新版へのアップグレードが推奨されている。

PHP 5.5.13 がリリースされています。

Incorrect error handling in PAM policy parser

If a module is removed, or the name of a module is misspelled in the policy file, the PAM library will proceed with a partially loaded configuration. Depending on the exact circumstances, this may result in a fail-open scenario where users are allowed to log in without a password, or with an incorrect password.
In particular, if a policy references a module installed by a package or port, and that package or port is being reinstalled or upgraded, there is a brief window of time during which the module is absent and policies that use it may fail open. This can be especially damaging to Internet-facing SSH servers, which are regularly subjected to brute-force scans.
[The FreeBSD Project]

FreeBSD の PAM ポリシーのパーサに脆弱性。

ktrace kernel memory disclosure

A user who can enable kernel process tracing could end up reading the contents of kernel memory.
Such memory might contain sensitive information, such as portions of the file cache or terminal buffers. This information might be directly useful, or it might be leveraged to obtain elevated privileges in some way; for example, a terminal buffer might include a user-entered password.
[The FreeBSD Project]

FreeBSD の ktrace にローカルユーザがカーネルメモリを読み取れる脆弱性。

sendmail improper close-on-exec flag handling

A local user who can execute their own program for mail delivery will be able to interfere with an open SMTP connection.
[The FreeBSD Project]

sendmail に意図しないファイルにアクセスされる脆弱性。

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