itojun 氏を追悼して、OpenBSD4.2 がリリースされました。

Nov 1, 2007.

We are pleased to announce the official release of OpenBSD 4.2.
This is our 22nd release on CD-ROM (and 23rd via FTP). We remain
proud of OpenBSD’s record of more than ten years with only two remote
holes in the default install.

We dedicate this release to the memory of long-time developer
Jun-ichiro “itojun" Itoh Hagino, who focused his life on IPv6
deployment for everyone. Without his BSD and IETF participation, IPv6
would not be where it is today. Only now people are becoming aware of
his numerous contributions because he took credit for much less than
he accomplished. The developers in our project will all miss him.



Posted by yokky